Looking after your scalp after sessions and beyond is incredibly import to maintaining your look. Following these instructions will ensure the longevity of your treatment.

1-3 Days after.

  • Try to avoid any activities which might make you sweat.

  • Avoid washing or getting your head wet for the first three days.

  • Try not to touch your head with your hands or any surface that may be unclean.

  • Do not shave the treated area.

  • Don’t apply any product to scalp.

  • Sleeping on a clean pillow case is recommended.

4-6 days.

  • You can now shave your head, but we recommend not using a conventional razer as this may remove any healing scabs. The best option is to use an electric razor.

  • You can now wash your scalp with water only, avoid scrubbing.

  • You can also moisture your head and you can perform activities from which you sweat lightly.

7 - 30 days.

  • You can resume showering as normal with shampoo.

  • You may now your shave your head with a razor. However, avoid using it if there are still healing scabs on the skin.

  • You may now resume heavy exercise.

Day 30 onwards (after all sessions are complete).

  • From here on, you may resume life as normal.

  • Take adequate precautions in direct sunlight using a quality sunscreen..

  • Moisturize daily with a light moisturizing cream. Avoid using products which contain alcohol.