Scalp Micro-pigmentation for alopecia

Scalp Micro -pigmentation can help to mask and cover Alopecia. With no know cures for Alopecia, you can rest assured that scalp micro-pigmentation provides a fast, effective solution.

Our trained specialists at Scalp Clinic, have helped a number of both male and female Alopecia suffers get the appearance they want.

“I am always so amazing at how life changing this treatment is for our customers, I feel so lucky to be able to help these incredibly brave people” - Andrea

We can help camouflage Alopecia with Scalp Micro-pigmentation so sufferers can continue their life feeling more confident about the way they look.

If you have alopecia and want to join the hundreds of others that have benefited from this life changing treatment, book a consultation with us today and we can answer all the questions that you have to ask.

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