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​Although SMP is a form of permanent tattoo, the results will fade over a period of time (usually 3 – 5 years) and a top up will be required.

The finish is absolutely flawless, and looks incredibly realistic, the only way someone would know is if they touched the treated area and felt the lack of stubble. The best way to keep the look realistic is to shave your head as often as you can.

YES. The choice of hairline is completely up to you. When attending your consultation it is helpful to bring along some ideas of hairlines you like and we will match it for you.

No time off of work is required. The only reason you may want to take the day after your appointment off, is to let the redness settle.

The vast majority of clients typically need just three sessions, however it does depend on how well the skin retains the pigment and how well you follow the after care guidance.

We recommend using either a razor or electric foil shaver to achieve the closed cut, however clippers also work very well. Always remember, the shorter the hair, the better.

​A classic tattoo uses very different equipment to SMP from the device, to the needles and the ink. SMP pigment has been specifically developed for this treatment and does not turn green / blue over time. The method is also completely different whereby classic tattooing essential involves drawing and SMP is tiny individual dots.

Can I sleep normally after having SMP?

You can wash your hair 5 days after treatment however it is advisable to use a sensitive shampoo

For a density fill, it is not necessary to shave or cut your hair.

For a hairline treatment it is ideal to come for a first session with your hair buzz cut to 0.5mm in length.

The best way to keep your SMP looking good for longer is moisturise daily, wear a hat in the sun and use factor 50 sun cream when not wearing a hat

Your scalp needs to be in the best possible condition for a successful treatment. On the run up to your treatment it is advisable to moisturise daily and exfoliate gently if you suffer from dry skin.

It is advisable to stop wearing a hair system at least a week prior to treatment to allow the skin to breath and toughen up.

YES you can wear a hat straight after treatment providing is clean to avoid the risk of infection.

We don’t recommend the use of any numbing creams on the scalp prior to or during the SMP procedure.

It is advisable to avoid the use of sun beds for 28 days post treatment completion as the scalp will healing and will be extra sensitive to UV rays.

It is advisable to avoid the use of chlorinated pools and hot tubs for 28 days after treatment because the high levels of chlorine can affect the colour of the SMP

Usually around day 3, the scalp may become dry and itchy. This is perfectly normal and part of the healing process. A damp cloth can be gently placed on the treatment area to ease the discomfort.

YES SMP can be used with all colours. The pigment used with be diluted dependent on hair and skin colour. Recent development has seen the introduction of a new dark brown SMP permanent pigment which is ideal for use with blonde / red hair.

Treatment times vary dependant upon the size of the area being treated, the complexity of the treatment and the skill and speed of the practitioner. On average a session time will be some where between 2 and 4 hours

It takes approximately 4 weeks after the final session for the treatment to fully heal but this will vary from person to person.

If you have a good treatment performed by a skilled practitioner, you should not be able to notice the difference between what is a hair follicle and what is SMP. The blend should be seamless.

It is always advisable to eat prior to an SMP session. SMP causes a trauma to the skin and your body may experience a level of discomfort / pain. Your body will turn to its sugar reserves initially to help get through the session so it is important to have eaten prior to the session so that they are topped up. If you are running low on sugars / energy, you may feel light headed during the session. If you have good energy reserves your pain tolerance level should be higher than if you start a session hungry.

In many instances people will notice there is something different about you but they will be unsure what. The idea of SMP is to create a natural look, replacing or redefining the hair line / hair follicles that are no longer there. How much people notice will be down to how subtle or how defined you chose your treatment to be.

It is important to avoid any exercise that is going to cause excessive sweating for 5-7 days after each SMP session because the salt in the sweat could draw the pigment out of the scalp and result in poor retention.

SMP is an ideal solution for scar coverage.  It is important that the scar is fully healed before treatment – usually a minimum of 9 months.  Scar tissue is very different to the normal skin on the scalp therefore it is important to make sure your practitioner has the right level of skill for effective scar coverage.

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